Sniper Elite V2 Analysis

Ps3 Review Grand Theft AutoI like guns or missiles, in general. They are instruments of death, yes, but obviate that. Actually require special expertise to use them to shoot. I love that induced lull, the trigonometry improvised, that mysterious flight of the projectile, which to the human eye has quantum particle nature. It’s very gratifying to clear up questions that huge ballistic equation that creates each shot. When you can hit the target, you feel you have done your homework. It is fascinating, for it may seem macabre. are many games that boast of the variety of weapons they have and what their constructions monstrous, but few put into practice the real physical bullets emerging from these weapons.

Sniper Elite V2 Analysis

Sniper games could be considered a separate genus, by the fact that its rationale lies in a realistic representation of the behavior of firearms. What is most interesting about this? Let the rifles used in this field of modern warfare are very powerful weapons, capable of generating shows Dante wherever he passed. ‘s first Sniper Elite V2 videos let me tell you Now that the technical means allowed, the game could not only play with more realism than its predecessor the physics of the bullets, but also could also show the juicy side of the matter: the Mann Eier blow a Nazi ! “Of course, Madam gore good, nice and cheap!” Killcam calls captured me from the beginning, I must admit, captured to perfection that equation of which I spoke above. I dare say that many other same thing happened to them when they imagined to Sniper Elite V2 as a pet before departure. The first shot is fantastic, fabulous, an indescribable feeling that national party ends in hormone levels … in our pure testosterone.

The following … well, more of that later … because Sniper Elite V2 campear focuses only on the stage in search of unsuspecting soldiers. It is an action game, but the action has to be our last resort. We are snipers, not super soldiers hit shots here is a last resort. First we must be cautious and investigate the extensive grounds, our backs with strategically placed traps, etc.. With this in mind, one gets either situation and on the paper reaches the first level and prepares everything with love -like birthday party of a child is involved, is placed in the best locations for destroy the enemies cleanly and perhaps get the best scores. Finish the first level. I go ahead and play me propose something different: a map whose second part takes place in a bunker. Here what prevail are fighting nearby. Great, we’ll pull silenced pistol and traps. So far so good. The game shows with variety and consistency and … and. Apparently Rebellion already realized this and decided to repeat more or less the same trend throughout the rest of the game : “Bitch, Please, we killcams with drawings of the skeleton and organs disintegrating enemies.” IV

Ps3 Review: Grand Theft Auto IV

After the huge success on consoles, the Rockstar just taking a shot in the foot by releasing Grand Theft Auto IV for PC. Soon Rockstar governing masterfully marketing tools involving advertising, developing and launching games, ended up giving a tremendous ball trampled when to excuse the adaptation of the PC game. Four months and three software patches, the conclusion reached is this: The game was supposed to be considered the greatest action title of the story – as the islands – were it not for the negligence of the developer in tailoring it more consistently to the computers.

Ps3 Review Grand Theft Auto IV

The result that we have today is considerably higher than it had in December 2008, when the game was released. Must acknowledge the hard work of correction developer in recent months, they were able to leave the desemepenho acceptable and appreciable even in more modest hardware.

This bracket is needed to be understood that GTA IV was not designed for the current generation of PCs: requires at least dual-core processor, 16 GB of hard disk space, video card consumes 512 megabytes and 2 GB RAM for achieving an average of 25 frames per second.

Such robustness is explained when it takes the skin of the protagonist Niko Bellic and through the streets of Liberty City, a fictional play in New York. The metropolis has its own life: talk pedestrian street with their cell phones, hot dog vendors offer their wares, police chase crooks, drivers are stressed in chaotic and performances from comedians to dancers shake the city’s theaters.

Welcome (back) to Liberty City

Fans who watch the show know very well that the secret of the franchise is joining the protagonist and the city as ingredients of a recipe for success. So it was with Tommy Vercetti in Vice City and Carl “CJ” Johnson in San Andreas. Well: Liberty City receives the current times, with open arms, Niko Bellic, an immigrant from Eastern Europe who comes to town to rediscover his cousin, Roman Bellic.

Niko arrives at the United States provided the American dream: wealth, beautiful women, luxury cars and residiências. What he finds, however, is a relative addicted to gambling, mired in debt and own a modest company transporting people in the suburbs of the city.

This city that grew exponentially if we take into account the Liberty City depicted in Grand Theft Auto III. A refreshed version of the city presents a metropolis divided into five main regions, each with its own characteristics: Broker (Brooklyn), Dukes (Queens), Algonquin (Manhattan), Bohan (Bronx) and Alderney (New Jersey) are interspersed with skyscrapers skies, giant bridges and public transportation systems like trains and taxis.

All this built on the fringes of the island that is home to the Statue of Happiness (Statue of Liberty), faithfully reproduced. Geographically, the map is three-quarters the size pictured in San Andreas, does not have beaches or rural areas, which makes the atmosphere of the game considerably more urban and somber than its predecessors.

The “Open World” of the new generation

The assembly is shaped with using the physical engine Euphoria. The system, combined with the famous gameplay of the franchise, allows games experiences ever seen in the genre. Firstly, Niko communicates with friends and professional contacts via phone. It is through him that the character calls for taxi services and paramedics, schedule appointments, get weapons and receive instructions from their missions.

The character, say in passing, is the most agile of the series: scale walls, climb stairs, hanging on ledges and moving vehicles and protects the shootings with a new cover system, similar to the series Gears of War. Other features, however, left the game slightly more monotonous. The fighting system has become less “arcade” and is no longer possible to customize your character with tattoos, haircuts and body type. The clothing stores are present in this version, but with fewer options than in San Andreas.

The structure of the mission remains the same. Niko receives orders to escort bandits, robbing banks and eliminate certain targets. As the story progresses, is introduced to some decisions that modify slightly their destination. What is striking, however, is that Rockstar removed the option properties to turn them into safehouses. The decision raises an interesting paradox: whereas if Niko declares a mercenary, which aim to raise as much money throughout the game, it is not permitted to purchase homes, villas and apartments in hotels or customize features the protagonist of the story?

The graphics engine RAGE stands for Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, left the game with shadow effects and incredible lighting. But especially in the PC version, they ended up getting incredibly bad. It is unacceptable that in the 21st century a developer can not adapt versions of games for consoles and PCs The impression is that there was a lack of will, because Rockstar had previously adopted the same procedure for release in Vice City and San Andreas with much success.

Consequently, the PC version suffers from serious flaws optimization, causing a direct impact on the final result and performance. Images, textures, shadows and lighting effects present several problems. Visually the game is impressive for detail and scenarios, but the lack of care and attention from developers astonishes. Do not kid yourself: GTA IV is capable of exhausting and play less powerful CPUs on canvas.

Several mini-games and side missions complete the package. The player has the opportunity to leave the main story to venture into street racing, missions involving police, fulfill requests for secondary characters, invite others to meetings and social activities and steal cars in order to export them. Even the crimes became easier: now when the police realize the action of Niko, a blue circle appears on the map demarcating the zone of action of the authorities. To successfully escape persecution, just flee the area bounded by the police force.

Soundtrack pride and “Grand Finale” with the debut multiplayer mode

Admittedly, the franchise has tradition in audio effects. This version was no different. Voiceovers and voice effects border on perfection, with different accents, typical citizen New Yorkers. Voices are North American, European and Latin, including Brazil, which help build the cultural component of Liberty City. The Rockstar also prepared a selection of 20 preset radio stations with different rhythms, news and talk shows. Exclusive version for PCs, the Independence FM allows customization with selection of MP3 music player himself.

However, the novelty that strikes the eye in GTA IV is its multiplayer mode. If before the game was restricted to an individual experience, on average, 20-30 hours of gameplay, the series now won more longevity. The Rockstar multiplayer mode separated into three major parts: co-op, and team races, each divided with other options. Take for example the way teams: the options range from Deathmatch – classic originating in the FPS genre – Mafiya Work – that puts teams to escort bandits and rob cars – Jack City – where cars should be stolen around the city – Cops n ‘Crooks – mini-game in a police / thief – and Turf War, where the objective is to capture enemy bases.

The multiplayer mode deserve, strictly speaking, a separate analysis. The player accesses the option through the cell Niko, customizes your character with various physical and easily find other participants around the world. The Rockstar has been able to incorporate a game totally individual experience recognized by a dense and fun multiplayer feature, which can increase the life of one, two or three years, maybe until the next GTA is released.

Few developers who know perfectly dreams consumption of your target audience. GTA IV came to plant his flag as a solid franchise, able to incorporate fun and new to a game system famous and beaten. No wonder that the title reached 3.6 million copies sold in the first 24 hours.

The criticisms, however, are valid and have foundation. The adaptation for PC was fair and only after three patches fix the game will give satisfactory performance. Even with these obstacles, GTA IV is light years ahead of other competitors in the genre. For those who still criticize or snort at the recipe for success, just check out the newly released The Godfather II : comparison borders on cowardice.